What We Do

Bonsai has four distinct lines of business:
MyBonsai, Bonsai Advisors, Bonsai Consulting and the Bonsai Exchange.

Our Solutions

Bonsai Exchange

Offers financial professionals carefully vetted and selected risk management solutions that includes annuities, long term care, disability, and life insurance, home equity investments as well as a business valuation and prospecting tool.

Bonsai Advisors

Leverages a world class digital infrastructure, innovative practice management models and the proprietary Bonsai Philosophy that allows advisors to drive unprecedented value to clients.

Bonsai Consulting

Empowers organizations across the financial services ecosystem to rethink, retool and differentiate themselves in an ever-changing market by leveraging technology, developing innovative solutions and establishing deeper relationships with their clients.


Coming soon - our proprietary wealth planning software, allows financial professionals to conduct an asset-liability conversation with their clients.

  • Powered by Swiss tech firm, 3rd-eyes analytics' MyBonsai is able to hyper-personalize wealth planning and enable financial advisors to significantly enhance value to clients with a scenario-based asset/liability management methodology.

  • The solution will also allow advisors to leverage sustainable investing in all stages of the advisory process.

"It is mathematically impossible to accurately manage a client’s financial structure without a complete view of their entire balance sheet"

Robert DeChellis, Bonsai Founder & CEO